Urban Threads

ARC Member's Artwork Collage
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 to Saturday, October 24, 2015

Urban Threads

A Group Exhibition by the Membership of ARC Gallery


For this year’s Chicago Artists month, the membership of ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation is investigating the theme, The City as Studio.  Chicago provides a great backdrop for artistic exploration.  It is a city of innovation and experimental production.  Yet, deeper than that, is the way the city connects to us, through us, and connects us to each other.  These connections can be a literal interpretation of the city’s amazing landscape as well as an internal exploration of the threads that weave their way into us…through Chicago’s deep seated culture, sense of home, civic pride (or shame) and family that is unavoidable to escape in a city as proud as Chicago.


Friday, October 2, 2015 - 6:00pm

Special Event:

There is no special event for this exhibition.
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Chicago-based artists include:

Individual websites can be accessed from ARC's member's page on the website. The link is: http://www.arcgallery.org/arc-members/ Granite Palombo-Amit; Cheri Reif Naselli; Cynthia Vaicunas; Iris Goldstein; Nancy Fritz; Pauline Kochanski; Pamela Hobbs; Rochelle Weiner; Amy Zucker; Nancy Fritz; Michelle Stutts; Ann Patrick O'Brien; Kina Bagovska; Carolyne King; Kerry Hirth; Rosemary Meza Desplas; Laura Cloud; Ruti Modlin; Monica Brown; Nancy Bechtol; Michelle Corazzo; Mary Maughelli; Linda S. Eisenberg; Laura Lencioni; Kristina Gosh; Kathleen Dugan; Jessica Gondek; Jane Stevens; Jan Parker; Jan Chenoweth; Esther Charbit; Ellen Roth Deutsch; Civia Rosenberg; Chiyeko Yuki; Meredith Dytch; Anne Farely Gaines; Charlotte Segal;