Roman Villareal

Artist Statement

Upcoming Events:

Showing at Museum of Mexican Art on Sept. 13, 2013. CAM 2013 - Opening art exhibit, Under the Bridge Studio and South Shore Cultural Center.


Sculptor and painter. Using the visual aspects of my surroundings, I create sculptures and paintings that tell the history and life of South Chicago.


My community/surroundings.

Tell us about your neighborhood.

I was born and raised in this beautiful city. My community is South Chicago. I am highly respected and considered at the fore front of the arts movement here. When artistic endeavors are considered, I am brought in for consultation in regards to artistic merit and professionalism. The neighborhood it's self brings inspiration to my work and provides more than enough material for my art.


Over the years I studied by myself from the “Old Masters” and at the same time working on my own style as a painter of Life in the Inner-City. I feel I will do this till my last. I have painted in every form and style. But my main subject in life is the “Barrio.” To capture some of the good with the bad but these are the things that this artist has seen looking out his studio. I feel that my main motivation is that I’m doing something that I was always meant to do. . . ART.