18th Street Pilsen Open Studios

  • Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 12:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Sunday, October 25, 2015 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Join us for our 13th Annual, 18th Street Pilsen Open Studios!

Pilsen Open Studios is an annual art walk independently produced by local artists and volunteers. It is is also one of the premier events of the citywide Chicago Artists Month!   Kick-Off Event!! Join us at PROSPECTUS GALLERY for an exhibition sampling the works of many of the local artists of pilsen. MADE IN PILSEN "X" FRIDAY, OCT. 23rd (5pm-10pm) 1210 W. 18th Street http://www.chicagogallerynews.com/galleries/prospectus-art-gallery

Day 1 of Open Studios: Saturday, Oct. 24th

Begin your exploration of the 38 participation locations from Noon - 8pm

Day 2 of Open Studios: Sunday, Oct. 25th

Didn't get to visit all the locations on day one? Explore the remaining unique and exciting locations from Noon - 6pm


Take a Free guided walking tour of the colorful and significant murals in Pilsen. Tours meet at the National Museum of Mexican Art at 1852 W. 19th Street 2:00PM on each day

More About Pilsen Open Studios:

18th St. Pilsen Open Studios was started in 2003 by a group of longtime Pilsen artists, most but not all of them Latino. The focus of the event is on "studios" as the place of production, allowing the public a rare glimpse at where (and how) art in Pilsen is made. All artists involved in the event either work or live in the neighborhood, or have a strong historical connection to Pilsen. A limited number of cultural spaces/cafes in Pilsen also participate in this event to show work from Pilsen-connected artists who don't have a studio in the neighborhood.

Interactive Map:


Start at:

18th Street Pilsen Open Studios Headquarters
1958 W. 21st Street
60608 Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-492-2412



Chicago-based artists include:

Montserrat Alsina, Roberto Ferreyra, Hector Duarte, Mark Nelson, John Pitman Weber, Jessica Guzlas, Teresa Magana, Mynor Paredes, Juan Pablo Martinez, Pablo Ramirez, Pablo Serrano, Al DiFranco, Christopher Urias and Kathy Steichen, Arturo Fresan, Aaron Coleman, John DiDomenico, Raeleen Kao, Jackie Kazarian, Brittany Kieler, Antonio Martinez, Sue Medaris, Howard Paine, Antonio Pazaran, Ryan Quigley, Ricardo Serment, Gabriel Villa, Oli Watt, Stephanie Weiner, Mujeres Mutantes, Omar Diaz, Emilio Rojas, Alejandra Addison, Kira Padilla Aguirre, Gary Cialdella, Jean Parisi, Frank Diaz, Jaime Ortega, Skeemer Chorne', Nicole Marroquin and Monstrochika, Eric J. Garcia, Alma Dominguez, Ivonne Cruz, Lucia Fortin, Laura & Karina, Diane Green, Laura Arellano, AngMir, Maria Cerna, Lupillo Ponce, Frank Diaz, Jaime Garza, Victor M. Montañez, Pete Rodriguez, Akaxe Gomez, Clarissa Gonzalez, Vianey Valdez, Tony Rodriguez, Oscar Mendez, Obed Salgado, Jessica Guzlas, Matthew Silva, Gilberto Sandoval, Francisco Ulises Plancarte Morales, Jose Raya, Natalie Malinowski, Lorie Ranker,


13th Pilsen Open Studios
13th Pilsen Open Studios