Vanishing Points: Works by Jan Bartoszek & Victor Alexander

Photo by William Frederking
Thursday, November 12, 2015

<p>Art and dance lovers are invited to an intimate evening of interdisciplinary works at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Thursday November 12th. This unique evening consists of choreographic works by Hedwig Dances' Founder and Artistic Director Jan Bartoszek and Victor Alexander, choreographer and Director of the Ruth Page School of Dance, that intermingle dance with stunning visual arts. ASCENDance utilizes large origami structures in a thematic exploration of renewal and transformation. Alexander's Line of Sighs incorporates a sculptural structure of parallel chords which can pull away or bounce back to reveal unique spaces for movement. Get up close and personal with these vibrant dance theater works.</p>


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There is no special event for this exhibition.
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Chicago-based artists include:

Hedwig Dances, Victor Alexander,


ASCENDance Trailer
ASCENDance Trailer