Jamie OReilly's ROOTS SALON & Winnemac Park

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Roots Salon
Leavitt & Winnemac Winnemac Park
Chicago, IL
Phone: 773.203.7661
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Lincoln Square
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Saturday, October 20, 2012 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm
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What Will The Neighbors Say?

Chances are you don’t know the neighbors as you did in the days of hanging laundry on the line, sharing lemonade on the porch, or attending school socials – before air-conditioning kept us indoors on summer nights, and computers offered easier, virtual friendships. You may not know their stories, or their secrets...

From noon to dusk Saturday, October 19 at Chicago's Winnemac Park, Cultural Artist Jamie O’Reilly, and the Community Voices of the Roots Salon - with visual artist Loretta Line as curator - will create a two-part interactive art installation, collecting original stories from and of neighbors. Passersby will be invited to write a story on colored paper, and post it on the “story-line”, consisting of several 10’ poles, wrapped in colorful cloth, connected by clothesline. Like flags of nations, these colorful stories will blow in the wind - their calming presence drawing-in participants throughout the day. As a follow-up to the park activity, the Community of Voices will select and read some of the “story lines”, along with stories and songs of their own, in a public presentation in a Lincoln Square locale (tba) the following day.

Community Voices is a group of Chicago area women artists and activists - who meet monthly at the Roots Salon in O’Reilly’s home - a community gathering space for artists.

Community of Voices at Roots Salon: Maureen Connolly, Maureen Flannery, Lois Hobart, Kristin Lems, Loretta Line, Anne Schultz, June Shellene, Willa Moore, Mary Watson and Jamie O’Reilly

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In Chicago: Jamie O'Reilly, Loretta Line, Anne Schultz, Lois Hobart In Evanston: June Shellene, Maureen Flannery, Kristin Lems In Oak Park: Maureen Connolly, Catherine Gallogly