Ian Ferguson


Most of the work I produce ranges from small scale pen and graphite illustrative works to mural level painted installations. My work process is a simple act upon style. I use whatever cheap/free materials and resources I can find directly around me. I try to re-use almost anything. I use simple ball point pens, found pencils, recycled art, thrifted frames, giant paint pens, acrylic paint, wood panels, found wood, etc.


A sense of home base, community, and individualism are integral in my Chicago Neighborhood Series. Each silk screen shirt or print in the series depicts a different neighborhood represented by significant architectural characteristics that define them. I am producing this series as a way for people to represent their neighborhood in a creative way and draw new connections with others in their community.

Why Chicago?

I have chosen to live and work in Chicago for one reason. I am compelled by the architecture here. I visited Chicago for the first time in 2009. I was moved by the neighborhoods and the way they made me feel. I later moved to Chicago in 2010 from the west coast. I developed a fascination and appreciating for the level of detail and brick work in old Chicago architecture.


Chicago based visual artist Ian Ferguson aka “hydEON” was born and raised in the Southern California. He received his BA in graphic design from the Art Institute of California in 2006. He gathers inspiration from cities, wilderness, weather, society, and spiritual-metaphysical experiences. He experiments with graphite, paint, pen, installation, video/photo and digital mediums. His work has been exhibited in many cities in the US, including: Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. His work has been written about and published in Redefine Magazine, Tape Op Magazine, The Seattle Times, Chicago’s Lumpen Times, SF/Bay Area’s East Bay Express, and Seattle’s The Stranger. At the end of 2009 he launched BARO Records, a Chicago based DIY record label. Ian makes music in the following projects: Arborist, Engines, Heaping/Hiding, Friends & Family and solo project Henari Nannon. Ian’s one of a kind posters are internationally known for his original illustration style and numerous poster contributions to Anticon Records, including the Anticon 10 year Anniversary NYC Poster, Odd Nosdam East Coast Tour Poster, Themselves, DOSH, JEL, Serengeti, Joan Of Arc, A Silver Mt. Zion, Past Lives, Flexions, BRE’R, and music festival posters including: Hollow Earth Radio’s 2008 Magma Fest poster and The 2008 Tacoma, WA Squeak and Squawk Festival Poster. Ian has also created an 8ftX4ft installation painting of the entire city of Seattle for the Hollow Earth Radio Head Quarters in 2010.