Derric Clemmons

Artist Statement

I am working closely with Luz Castillo, partner at our studio in Pilsen to produce new concepts in wearable art, however I am relying on her to take more of a lead in this while i concentrate on my core fine art and design work. I will be producing larger canvas work as the building where our studio is begins to advertise its residents more actively. I am attempting to enlarge my presence in two neighborhoods, South East and Pilsen.


My personal work, unrelated to the Art wear portion of our studio, is done on Canvas , board, wood and composite materials. Acrylic, oil stick, graphite,sand, paper, and oil paint. Abstract expression, layered, homogenous.A blending of atmospheric and solid elements. I go for impasto methods at times, and then mix materials till they blend and relate. Some of the later canvas work is produced to be frameless by stiffening it with resin.


quiet, gritty, layered, at times questionable places in the city..discarded things that have a history. Social transitions and mans continual search for understanding and truth. I pay attention to the homeless as well as the socially acceptable. I paint our personal, private experiences, and actions as it helps answer certain perceptions i have of humanity.

Why Chicago?

I was born and raised here. It is a complex, alive, frustrating, layered, exciting city still "under construction", and may never reach its potential, but thats where, in the transitions, I find the interesting components of life struggling to make a difference. There are places in the city that remind me of Europe, and NY, and the South. I yearn for those other places but still find the familiarity of Chicago engrossing. The city by the lake is uniquely home.

I'm a resident of the South East side. It has its problems, and youth want identity, creativity and meaning here like anywhere else,and yet there is great calm here as well. Many north siders and suburbanites wouldnt know that. The media slants things for sensationalism. I couldnt paint and thrive if things were in utter turmoil. I am collaborative in spirit so i have connections with organizations in various parts of the community, from local schools to neighborhood chapters. With the partnership of a good friend and talented artist rising,, Luz Castillo, and community leader and coordinator at Claretian assoc. Jackie Samuels, various public projects have been accomplished.


I am a born and raised resident artist of the South side of the city of Chicago. I am an abstract artist whose work consists of canvas and also wood ,painted. I have collectors in various states as well as illinois. I am active in working with community organizations to help bring art awareness and cultural relativity to the well needed areas of the South East of Chicago, and i activiely conduct art workshops at south side schools.