Dennis PaSamba

Artist Statement

My goal is to build a great performing arts and fitness studio here in Portage Park for kids and adults, and to be able to offer everything, so it's within their reach.
The goal is to have the kids and adults perform and compete through dance competitions and showcases.


My love and passion is dance, all different styles of dance: ballroom, latin, modern, jazz, swing, hip hop, and others.  I teach to students of all ages, children and adults.  My goal is to inspire dancers to be able to bring out their inner creativity, to be able to express themselves fully through the language of dance either through competition, choreography or social.  My studio is where the inspiration and creativity begins. I sit down, breath and all inspiration I’ve gathered through daily life activities somehow just comes out; I turn them into a dance.


My inspiration is all around me.  Watching people inspire me, the way they walk, the way they move, the way they gesture, I see them as if they were dancing.  I hear a beat in my head when I watch a boy running.  It all gives me ideas for my work.  I sit with my drums at my studio window and play to the rhythm they walk, run.  It is all connected.

My Neighborhood

My neighborhood truly "has it all"!  It is unique and multi-cultural.  Whether you want a Latino, American, Polish, Russian, Romanian, African or Asian flavor, it's all right here.  Being part of this community makes my work more unique by getting inspiration from different cultures, I'm able to incorporate different styles into my work.  By being in Six Corners area, as a performing artist makes me feel I'm helping the community to build it and bring more people into this area and show the beauty and all the things we offer.


I’ve danced pretty much my entire life.  When I was a boy I danced at different school and after school events.  I started dancing professionally at the age of 17 and performing right after.  I competed at all events my time was allowing me for.  That’s what I lived for at that time. Soon after just dancing wasn't quite enough, I had a need for choreography. I also opened up DennisPasamba Dance School so I could teach my style and technique to everyone who loved my work.

I have traveled and lived for brief periods in many places; however, Chicago is the one I always come back to.  It is the city I grew up in and everything around is familiar to me.  Chicago is filled with rich culture pretty much in every corner: from musicians, dancers, chefs, tattoo artists, through painters, writers and many others. Chicago has never ending on-top talent of inspired artists.   And people...people is what I love the most, everyone warm and welcoming with big room in their hearts for dance!  It's hard to find another city like Chicago.  This is why I'm here.