Ben Foch + Chelsea Culp


Collaboratively, we have worked in painting, sculpture, video and photography. While our current project, NEW CAPITAL, functions as an exhibition space, it is also a conceptual artwork, social sculpture,  and performance.      For The Installation Experiment, in the POD display cases on Halstead St.  Chelsea Culp and Ben Foch will create a set of 3-5 ceramic, glass, and found object totems.  Secured on small motors, the totem will continuously turn 360 degrees, displaying to the stationary audience, all views of the work.  The three totems will be set against a painted background, spotted by portrait mirrors, reminiscent of both Yayoi Kusama and Roy Lichtenstein.


In 2013 we will complete and exhibit 'Six Quilts for Satan, Cult of Santa 666,' a series of 7 hand-stitched soft-sculpture quilts that conflate the palettes and iconographies of Early Americana Christmas through Camp, the Occult, a fin de siecle Parisian boudoir, maritime tools, and popular symbols for luck and fortune.    At NEW CAPITAL we will be preparing for 24HRS/25DAYS, a 25 day long exhibition and event celebrating the life cycle of the project.  EVERYONE is invited to produce work downstairs and/or exhibit work upstairs at ANYTIME between Nov18th 2012 and December 12th, 2012.    Upon completion of the life cycle, we will begin an artist book titled 'CATALOG' which will document activity at NEW CAPITAL as well as profiling a network of related people and projects.    To submit work to 24HRS/25DAYS or 'CATALOG' email, with the project title in the subject line.

Why Chicago?

We have chosen to work in Chicago because of affordable space, and the savy and diverse audiences available to artists.   While we are happy that our work facilitates art communities, it is true that these art communities also implicate us in a politics of oppression, particularly in East Garfield Park, perhaps only perpetuating problems elsewhere.


Ben Foch and Chelsea Culp began collaborating in  2009 with their exhibition Substance and Shadow at the now defunct “Vega Estates” in Pilsen. Culp’s background is in performance and sculpture, Foch’s in painting. Their mutual concern for Art History, Theory and Criticism has supported their collaborative process of constructing a conceptual framework specific to every project.     In November of 2010, this dialogue lead to the formation of NEW CAPITAL, a split level exhibition space located at the intersection of Albany and Carroll in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood, where each artist maintains their studio practice.